Thursday, May 04, 2006


Blog Button

Here is the button for the blog ring.

This button was created using the Brilliant Button Maker by

A few people have requested that I explain the process of adding the button, so here it is:

1) Right click on the button image up there, and select "SAVE IMAGE AS"
2) Save it somewhere on your computer
3) Create a new post in your blog and upload the image of the button
4) Publish that post (you can delete the post later once the button image is properly visible for you)
5) Now, go to Edit mode for that post, and select the "Edit Html" tab
6) You should see a line of code that looks something like this:
< img src = " whatever you saved the image as " > (there shouldn't be all those spaces between the < > and the text and the quotation marks, i'm just doing that so you can see the text instead of a broken image here)

7) Copy that line of code
8) Go into your blog template and find the ring code for the blog ring
9) Paste the image code between the quotations where it says "INSERT IMAGE HERE"
10) Either grin with satisfaction, or scowl with frustration and try again.

Hope that's clear enough!
Thank you! :)

I feel like an idiot, but how do I get the ring surf code?
oops, found the answer.
you're not an idiot, and i'm glad you found the code! :)
thank you sooo much!! I think I got it now. I'm still pretty new with HTML code, so sometimes I have a brain fart and can't figure out how to do what I want to do.
i'm glad the instructions seem to be working out for everyone. and don't feel bad about not knowing how to do it at first. setting up this ring actually helped me to much better understand the whole process, and in turn allowed me to clean up a few of the other ring codes on my ubercherry blog!
Uhh, I feel really dumb. Where do I even begin to look for the ring code in my blog? I got the image copied and am at step 7 and lost. Sorry.
Well, it ain't real purty, but it is sorta there. I finally found the site code.... oh for dumb! Blind as a bat, I guess.
okay, i didn't see the ring code. where is it?
becca - did you find it yet? i think i resent you the code yesterday...
Thank you! That was easy.
Once rock!
Thanks so Much. Worked like a charm!
Sorry I mailed you before I read this. HOWEVER, it would be nice if you just fixed the code so us idjits wouldnt have to fumble around with it !
clarelittle - i sent you an email in response to your question. HOWEVER i would like to publicly state that there is nothing wrong with the code and it does not need to be fixed in any way. the vast majority of errors occur when people have incorrectly installed the code and/or failed to review the information that i have taken the time to provide on this home blog.
Thanks so much for taking the time to do all of this and for your super clear instructions!
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