Friday, June 09, 2006



I apologize to those of you who were recently deleted from the blog ring queue. It seems as though some of you did not receive the previous emails I had sent through RingSurf. Please understand that this may be due to spam filters or a problem with RingSurf. When I send you emails it is directly from RingSurf, and when I get a confirmation from RingSurf that it has been sent it's only natural for me to assume that it has indeed been sent.

Unfortunately I am just one person who is maintaining this ring in my spare time and I do not have the time to personally assess what the errors are on each blog. It will require some initiative on your part to make the ring work with your blog.

Please realize that while it may take a few minutes for you to join the ring (or reapply), it takes much more time than that for me to deal with the results of your incorrect application; so PLEASE follow these steps:

Please take the time to read the rules in the right hand box on the RingSurf application page when you apply for the ring. I know it's small and you may want to ignore it, but don't. I've taken the time to outline the steps that will ensure a successful application, so please take the time to read it then rather than emailing me after the fact with questions that I've already answered in those rules and here on the home blog.
Please read all the previous posts on this blog. There aren't that many so it won't take very long.
Please include a LINK to your blog in any emails you send me asking for help with problems specific to your blog.
Please understand that I am not a blog tutor. I am willing to help you sort out code issues within my time/skill means, however there are many excellent tutorials on line if you take a few minutes to do a search, OR you could ask another fellow blogger for their help. Take a trip through the ring and find another member who is using the same blog template as you. They will be able to offer much more help than I can since they have the template specific knowledge that you may require.

Thank you! :)

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