Tuesday, May 09, 2006


A note about ring codes

When you first sign up to RingSurf you will see a box near the bottom of your account info page that will have the necessary code in it. I believe RingSurf also automatically sends you an email with a link to the code and I try to re-send it to people when necessary, so please ensure that you enter that code into your blog right away. In addition, you can also view the necessary code when you log into your RingSurf account.

*** Please Note ***

Some of you have emailed me about your code not working once you've placed it in your blog. Having the code in your blog does not mean that it will immediately be activated. I need to approve you first, so please allow a few days for the code to become functional. If your code is still not working within three days, then feel free to send me an email.

I had a code in for awhile, and it worked... the problem was... it got "stuck" and freezes my machine, (not sure why)... it seemed to stay in 'limbo' forever, on certain blogs... this may be due to some blogs lengths, etc... ( I have not a clue, sorry)...
so ... I removed it...
Do others have this problem, or a similar problem, or is it unique to me? ... I would love to try again, if it is working better now.... ?
i'm not sure why this is as no one else has reported a similar process. i'm sorry to read that you're having trouble with it. you could always log into your ringsurf account, recopy the code and try repasting it into your blog. other than that i'm not sure how to help - sorry :(
Ubercherry, I am an idiot, I have no idea how to do this, so ignore my attempt to join a few minutes ago.

I do not know where to insert the code on my blog page. I am using a host that is totally different than normal. It is a money saving advice website (I got the brilliant idea to blog with bargain lovers). It is a great captive audience but the page design is very limited.

Here is the url if you want to see;
http://prettycheapjewelry.savingadvice.com and my etsy shop is prettycheap.etsy.com

ANyway, see you on the Etsy forums!
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