Friday, May 12, 2006


Ring stats and a few more notes about codes...

A few people have emailed me asking questions such as: "how many people are in the ring?", "why don't I see the ring code on so-and-so's blog?", "where do I put the code?" etc. so here are a few answers :)

*** Ring Stats ***

1. Go to Ring Surf's homepage
2. Click on the Arts link in the ring category directory
3. Click on People in the sub-category directory
4. Click on Etsy Sellers Who Blog
5. On the left side you'll see info about how many active members the ring has, how many members are waiting to join, and how many hits each blog has received. You'll also see a listing of the all the blogs in the ring in the centre of the page.

*** Where to put the code in your blog ***

1. Copy the ring code as is from the email sent by RingSurf or directly from your RingSurf membership page
2. Open your blog template and paste the code somewhere under where it says "enter stuff for your side bar here" OR if you don't have a sidebar field like that, paste it under or above your Archives section
3. See previous posts on this blog for how to insert the button image code

*** Why you can't see the ring code on so-and-so's blog ***

1. Perhaps the code is not in the sidebar...some people have it alllllllll the way at the bottom of their blog. LiveJournal users have it on their "User Profile" page, so if you're looking at their LJ, you'll have to go back to that page to continue surfing the ring.
2. Perhaps the person removed/incorrectly reformatted their code and it is now missing from their blog. If this is the case please send me an email and I will remove them from the active members list

*** Why your code does not work ***

1. If your code is properly inserted on the blog but does not appear to be working it is most likely due to the fact that I have not approved your blog yet. Please see the previous post about this.

I hope that answers all of your questions for now. Please take the time to read this blog before contacting me, most answers to your questions can be found here. :)

Thank you so much for working this out. Appreciate all that you have done and are doing.
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