Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Welcome to Etsy Sellers Who Blog!

Since there are *so* many Etsy sellers who blog, I decided to start a blog ring; so now we can all easily connect to each others' blogs! The only requirement to join the ring is that you have an Etsy shop and that you blog. Pretty simple, non?

A few things to note:

1. Please ensure that you enter the ring code into your blog template right away. I can't approve you until that code is there.

2. Please place your code somewhere that is easy to find so people can continue making the ring rounds with ease.

3. Please have an easy-to-find link to your Etsy shop somewhere on your blog - it's too time consuming for me to have to search for it.

4. Please see the instructions above for adding the button to your ring code.

Anyone who feels compelled to do so is welcome to link back to my blog or my shop :)

And don't forget to leave comments on each others' blogs letting em know that you found em through the ring! :)

If you can think of any ideas to make this blog ring better, please leave me a comment here, or over on my blog:

Let the blog ring-ing begin! :)

A question... Is there a way to see a list of all ring members? There was one when I joined up, but now cannot find it again. Thanks.
yuppers. if you go to, you can look at their directory. click on "art", then "people" and you'll see our ring listed there. when you click on it you should see a list of all the ring members! :) i may add a links listing in the sidebar of this blog, but that's a future goal. for now i just want to get people into the ring :)
I joined the ring! Can't believe I did it without too many problems. Thanks ubercherry!
you're very welcome tvtrayart! glad to have you on board! now we can be etsy, craftster *and* blogger buds, lol ;)
I joined as well. -Still figuring out things....
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