Monday, March 05, 2007


The Ring Will Be Closed From March To Mid-April

Hello all,

I will be on vacation for the month of March and part of April. As such, I have closed the ring to new members during that time. However, the ring will remain active for existing members so you can take a trip around it and see what others are up to in the meantime. If you are interested in joining the ring please check back in mid-April and it should be up and running and accepting new member applications again.

Have a great couple of months!

Hi. Let me know when you're back. I'd love to join the blogring.
Wow, I just found out about this and think it's super-great! I hope I get the opportunity to be a part of it. For now, I'm looking forward to checking out everybody else's nifty blogs!
I would LOVE to join in!
Jane Wynn
Today is April 15th, is the ring up and running again?
I'd really love to join!
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