Sunday, April 15, 2007


The Ring Is Back In Action!

Hello all. I appologize for the delay, but the blog ring is now back up and running. There were a LOT of applications submitted while I was away, so please be patient as I sift my way through them. Membership approval will almost certainly take more than a week because there are so many blogs that need to be reviewed. Thanks for your understanding and happy blogging! :)

Thank you!
Great!! Cant wait to join!!
what happens when you can't find the "etsy sellers who blog link" on one of the pages? I keep getting stuck and I wanted to surf the whole ring!!
Thanks UberCherry!
I'm really happy to be a part!
Many thanks UberCherry, I've sent in my application and look forward to joining the ring
Rock on! I submitted mine. :)
Looking forward to hearing that my submission has been dealt with. Thank you for setting this up.
I realise you are a very busy girl :-) Please can you let me know when you have caught up with submissions. For now I will temporarily remove the link from my blog, until you are in a position to get it working. Hope all is well with you.
I submitted my application in early May, but can't find my blog in the listings. I didn't get a please re-submit this time. Is it still in the queue?
You must be overwhelmed with the amount of submissions for Etsy Sellers who Blog ring; at last count there was 136 in the queue. Like Bee Skelton, I too have removed the link until you are in a position to start churning through the masses. I'll keep an eye on this blog for any update.
-My Best.
Yes the ring is back in action. Guys i would like to share great recipes that I discovered from this site, just visit it and surely you will love it.
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