Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The First Ring Is Complete, Now It's Time To Experience Version 2

So I've officially terminated the Etsy Sellers Who Blog blog ring.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in any capacity, and for all the support everyone has shown me as I enter this new phase of my life with regard to my career beyond academics.

There was an overwhelming response from the Etsy community for the ring to remain open via changing ownership, however one brave Etsy member took in upon herself to start an entirely new blog ring and blog. Her name is Lis Kidder and she has started the Etsy Sellers Who Blog blog ring Version 2!

The home blog for *that* ring can be found here: Etsy Sellers Who Blog V2

Please check it out and sign up and continue to enjoy all the Etsy blogging goodness!

Thank you again to all the previous ring members.
And please do stay in touch.
Best of luck to Lis Kidder.
And happy blogging to all! :)

hey come see my etsy store ins333
hey come see my etsy store ins333 great jewelry!!
hey i wanna be part of the etsy ring ing thing! this is my blog: , what should i do to become a member?
What a great idea, I wish I'd now about the origional ring sooner

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